Terms of Use

1. Objective


Bitzean is a social platform where everybody can engage with each other productively. This enables to expand your business throughout the world using online advertising. It is transparent and user friendly. We strongly believe that there should be a mechanism which has the potential capacity to provide effective advertising while creating a business opportunity. Bitzean was created intending to make winners/profit gainers through advertising.

Registration in Bitzean is free. Moreover, there are multiple ways available earn through this social media platform with Advertising, Freelancing and Online shopping. Bitzean Social media is a free worldwide service which allows individuals and companies to connect and share their experiences and knowledge among millions of peoples. As much as you engage with us through, likes, shares, comments and chats, you will be able to earn. Our main service is to allow advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisements on our site


1.2. Bitzean

The Administrator and Service Provider of the Website is Bitzean Private Limited, No 387, Athurugiriya Road, Hokandara North, Hokandara, Malabe 10118, Athurugiriya 10150 registered under the number PV00205753

- acting jointly as a consortium under the name Bitzean. The User acknowledges that all statements should be addressed only to this entity, via e-mail address: [email protected]

2. Services

2.1. Services

Through the Portal Users are offered the access to Services and the possibility to use them in accordance with the Regulations and potential additional terms and conditions published by the Service Provider. Users may use the Services of the Social Networking Portal such as in particular running a profile, adding comments, events, likes and other typical for this kind of Portals. In addition, the User may completely freely start creating their own User Profile. Making contacts, creating posts, publishing comments - your activity is the most important. Activity in Bitzean is not under any scheme, you are shaping your behavior yourself and decide whether you are going to start a business.


2.2. Scope of Services

Bitzean is an enterprise that runs Portal dedicated for communicating, making contacts and social relations as well as storing files and sharing by users their files to other people. As part of the Portal Bitzean provides the possibility of creating own business, in accordance with available Services, in particular:

  1. Social Media
  2. Advertising  
  3. Freelancing
  4. Online Shopping
  5. IT solutions


2.3. Definitions 

Password – unique sequence of characters created by the User ensuring the access to the Account;

Login – User name, used for your identification together with the Password necessary to make authorization during accessing the Portal;

User Account – a collection of resources and rights within the Portal, assigned to the User, which contains information necessary for their authorization and making it possible to use the services and creating business;

Advertisement Package, Advertisement – announcement, information, package of advertisements or announcements, originating from the Advertiser regarding his business activity or professional activity or other advertised entity;

Distribution Partner – User who functions within the Portal as a person creating Business, in line with the regulations specifying the earnings model;

Portal (Platform) - website which exists at the domain address https://www.Bitzean.com Portal, which is internet platform being his property, which is composed of a series of elements appropriate for internet Portals and services rendered electronically for the benefit of Users, specified in these Regulations.

Registration – activity performed within the Portal, which means setting up a User Account and defining login and password and other registration fields;

Computerized system – a set of computer devices and software working together, ensuring processing and storage as well as sending and receiving data through telecommunications networks with the use of the type of telecommunications network suitable for Terminal equipment;

Content – all and any materials and services shared in the Portal;

User – a natural person, legal entity or organizational unit which is unincorporated entity, to whom the act grants the ability to perform acts in law, conducting business activity or in other way holding the right, regulated by national provisions, to participate in the Portal, if necessary;




What we are concerned with is that each User was conscious of the meanings of all notions in the Regulations, that's why we present the definitions of the most important ones

2.4. Business Model

Bitzean is based on a free of charge activity (without costs on the part of the User) within the social network service with the possibility of making Sales when creating a business, therefore the User acknowledges and accepts that:

  1. 1.It is not necessary to invite new people, and acquiring profit is possible without purchasing Bitzean products and services;
  2. 2.The User does not pay his funds to Bitzean, but purchases products and services which are chosen freely and without any pressure;
  3. 3.The User acknowledges the value of the products and services offered, and therefore recognizes that they are of their adequate and market value;
  4. 4.Along with the purchase of products and services, the User also receives the right to participate in part of Bitzean profits;
  5. 5.All information and presentation materials are available free of charge within the User Account;
  6. 6.The Profit Model as a part of the purchase of product and service packages is intended for entrepreneurs (B2B), therefore the User shall have such a status unless it is not necessary according to the regulations of the country where the User resides;
  7. 7.In the absence of the entrepreneur status, in connection with the purchased digital content (digital products and services) and the fulfillment of this service (obtaining the possibility of using), the right to withdraw from the contract is excluded.



3. Registration and Agreement

3.1. User

This Agreement may be executed by natural persons, legal persons and other organizational units who have a legal capacity. The age of majority shall be defined by the legislation of a given country, from which the User comes. The registration shall be free of charge therefore the User obtains access to the Portal functionality. A person who is not an adult may become a User, in case he/she has previously obtained consent of a legal guardian. In case of any doubts whether a person is an adult or not, the Service Provider may verify this status by requesting relevant documents to confirm it. Joining Bitzean is available for adults. It is important for us that you make a conscious decision about joining our community.


3.2. Agreement

By registering in the Portal the User concludes an Agreement for the provision services by electronic means, according to which he/she agrees to join Bitzean and confirms that he/she has read the available Regulations and also, in particular:

  1. 1.Scope of Services rendered;
  2. 2.Marketing Plans;
  3. 3.Business presentations and video materials;
  4. 4.No necessity to invite new members to the Portal;
  5. 5.Terms and Conditions of resources withdrawal;
  6. 6.No investment character of the Portal.


Agreement is concluded for unlimited period of time. You can delete your account and terminate using the services at any time.


3.3. Registration Fields

Registration shall be performed solely online with a necessity to provide the required information i.e., in particular:

  1. 1.First name 
  2. 2.Last name;
  3. 3.National Identification Number(NIC);
  4. 4.E-mail address;
  5. 5.Date of birth;
  6. 6.User name;
  7. 7.Password;
  8. 8.Gender;



3.4. Registration Procedure

The User is obliged to fill in the required registration fields in the registration form completely and correctly and then confirm the activation of link sent by the Service Provider. In case the sent registration link is not confirmed within 30 days, it will be deactivated by the Service Provider. In connection with the registration procedure the User is obliged to:

  1. 1.Confirm that he has read the contents of Regulations (Conditions of Rendering Services), acceptance of expressed provisions and agreed to process personal data and receive commercial information by electronic means;
  2. 2.Confirm that he has read the conditions of participation on Bitzean, including Marketing Plan and also that he/she is aware that the Portal is not of investment character and the dates and rules of withdrawing collected resources depend on the Users' number and activity;
  3. 3.I confirm that I have been informed that the basic application of the Profit Model is acting as an entrepreneur (B2B), therefore the User should have such status unless the law provides otherwise, and in the case of purchasing products and services as a consumer, the User accepts that in connection with the acquired digital content and performance, the right to withdraw from the contract is excluded.


3.5. Completion of Registration

After a completed registration the User gets the option to personalize the account by uploading a picture or an avatar. The above mentioned action must not contradict the Regulations, law in force and good practices. As a result of the breach of the provisions of the Regulations, law in force or social norms, Service Provider reserves the full right to remove the uploaded picture or avatar.

3.6. Duration of the Agreement

Agreement is concluded for an unlimited period of time. The User may terminate the Agreement using the available function of Deleting Account in the User Profile. The User may demand deleting all his/her data by sending an appropriate request from his/her account to the Service Provider's email address, however, Service Provider may retain data necessary for the User identification, in case of any claims or enquiries of authorized bodies. The Agreement expires upon the User's death at the latest, however the rights to the account may be inherited as a result of succession proceedings. The condition of entering into the User's rights is obtaining the confirmation of the Service Provider and presenting him/her the documents required for this purpose. In the event there is no heir/heirs, after the lapse of a six months’ period all rights and obligations resulting from the agreement shall be transferred to Bitzean.


3.7. Termination of the Agreement

Bitzean reserves a right to extraordinary termination of the Agreement for a significant reason, in particular, due to violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. The Agreement may be terminated by e-mail. In case of an extraordinary termination of the Agreement by Bitzean, the User shall not be entitled to any claims of reimbursement of the cost of purchase of the package of services and products. Prior to expiry of the Agreement, the User shall be obligated to use up the funds accumulated on the Account.

3.8. Account Activity

Each account registered in the Portal should be used actively and at least once in 6 months a User should log in. If the User does not log in within 6 months (180 days), Service Provider reserves the right to take relevant action to the account. Bitzean is based on the activity of the Users, it is required to log in at least once in 6 months.


4. Obligations of the User

4.1. Using platforms in accordance with theirs intended purpose

Each User shall use platforms in accordance with theirs intended purpose, applicable legal provisions, social and moral standards as well as the provisions of these Regulations. Each User is obliged to notify the Service Provider any noticed errors or gaps in platforms. Using errors or gaps in the platforms to achieve any kind of benefits is inconsistent with the Regulations and constitutes a violation of the law. If Service Provider determines that User uses an error or gap in the platforms, User shall bear the negative legal consequences of his or her conduct. Service Provider will be entitled in such a situation to apply all measures (sanctions) provided in Regulations, including removing the User from the platforms. The User is obliged to protect his/her personal passwords and logins against the access of third parties. In case of a change in a User's information regarding address, bank or contact information, these may be updated by the User in his/her own Administrative Panel.

4.2. Prohibited or Unfair Advertising

Service Provider through Bitzean Portal establishes the prohibition of distributing unwanted advertising messages by email, fax or text messages (Spam). Undertaking illegal activities, such as e.g. using prohibited or unfair advertisement is prohibited and may result in deleting the User from the Bitzean Portal. The User is especially not allowed to give inaccurate, false or misleading data regarding products and distribution system of Bitzean. With special regard, Users may not mislead potential Users that within Bitzean Portal and created business it is necessary to purchase a higher level account or to invite other people to join. You can use Bitzean Portal only in accordance with the provisions in force. All and any violations may result in deleting the account. If you create a business, you must stick to the provisions of the Regulations as well as legal regulations.

4.3. Sales Partner Status

The User, by creating business, acts as a Sales Partner. He/she is not an employee, contractor nor a sales representative, therefore there are no guidelines regarding the turnover or liabilities to provide Services in order to make profit. The User is not subject to any instructions concerning the type, place, amount of activities and the scope of conducting his/her business activity, however, he/she is responsible on his/her own, in his/her own name, for complying with competent statutory provisions, including tax provisions, as well as for obtaining potential right to conduct business activity if necessary in a particular legal system, pursuant to the scope of activities performed by a particular person. Services rendered by Bitzean are directed, as a rule, in order to be used by entrepreneurs (B2B) and the User should hold such status unless specific provisions state otherwise or the scope of conducted activities does not meet the statutory conditions in this regard.

Bitzean does not require any investments. You can function in the Portal as a User or become the Sales Partner. In both cases it does not require to make any investments. The pace of Your development depends on You, Your activity and potential, additional - free - financial engagement.



4.4. Confidentiality Clause

The User shall keep absolute secrecy of confidential company information of Bitzean and other associated enterprises, and also information about their structure. Confidential company information includes in particular: except for Downline structures, among others the names and addresses of distribution partners and Bitzean's clients. Confidentiality clause shall also apply following the termination of the Agreement.



4.5. Press Inquiries

The User is not allowed to give response to press inquiries regarding Bitzean, its products, marketing plan or other services. The User shall immediately transfer all press inquiries to Bitzean or at least obtain the acceptance for giving response with the suggested content.

4.6. Rights to the Account

The User may not share the account with other persons, transfer the rights to the account or execute any other forms of sharing a part or the whole account.

5. Using the Portal

5.1. General Provisions

The User shall use the Portal in a manner consistent with its intended purpose and not interfering its functioning, also by using specific software of equipment and in a manner consistent with these Regulations, applicable legal provisions and general principles of using the Internet. The User shall not deliver and transfer through the Portal in particular:

  1. 1.Contents prohibited by law, in particular content that is offensive, vulgar, inciting violence or other social actions contradictory to the law or good practices or infringe personal assets and other rights of third parties (including those of racist or discriminative character);
  2. 2.Personal data of third parties, their telephone and address information and email addresses;
  3. 3.Unsolicited commercial communications and any other types of spam.
5.3. Files Hosting

As part of the Portal Service Provider renders service based on the possibility for Users of storing files at their accounts, that other persons may also use. By uploading a file on his/her account the user shall assume full responsibility envisaged by the law and these Regulations, connected with potential distribution, storage of a particular file and the breach of copyrights. Downloading by the User of any file or any other content being the property of another user, included in public folders shared by the user, occurs by means of an agreement concluded between the owner user and the user downloading who intends to use such file or other content. Service Provider is not a party to such agreement and does not bear any responsibility regarding the conclusion of the agreement, its execution or non-execution towards its parties or other third parties. In case of an infringement of copyrights, a prior notification of the Service Provider about this is necessary in order to enable him the verification of the complaint and making a decision in that case.

5.4. Naming

Each User uploading any content shall name the hosted files and provide their description consistent with the content of the files.

5.5. Visibility of Files and Their Use

The User may use the content, files of another user by its downloading and saving on his/her own data storage devices as well as playback for his/her own private use. Downloaded file will be available and visible only for this user who downloaded it.

5.6. Breach of the File Sharing System

Any attempts of unauthorized bypassing of file sharing system by the user or re-uploading a file covered by this system may result in liability for a breach of these Regulations as well as penal or civil liability regarding illegal distribution of files. In particular, Service Provider may delete User account in such case.

5.7. Uploading Contents and Data Distribution

The User by adding a comment or uploading any materials of those available on Bitzean Platform, any content, file, declares that they are free from legal defects and any claims of third parties. He/she declares that he/she is vested with all and any rights to the uploaded contents, with copyright ownership including the right to publish and distribute materials Online, and that he/she has the right to use the image of third parties, and that these rights are not limited in any way for the benefit of any third party. The user bears full and unlimited liability towards the users for adding on his/her profile any posts, comments, files, pictures and other content. If, in the User's opinion the published content, post, comment or other content violated the law, these Regulations, expresses racist content, infringes personal welfare, copyrights or good practices, the User should notify Service Provider about this.

5.8. Unauthorized Actions

It is prohibited to overload the server supporting Bitzean by generating artificial traffic on the Platform as well as other actions, which exceed normal use of the Portal. Any attempts of artificial positioning of the popularity of posts, files, account, contents in any kinds of popularity or activity ranks run by Bitzean as well as other unauthorized use of the Portal even if it was intended at the increase of competitiveness or profitability of the created business is prohibited.

5.9. Interfering with the Content

Service Provider does not interfere with the content of comments and materials placed on user accounts unless their content is declared by other users as the content which violates the provisions of these Regulations.

5.10. Materials Sharing

By sharing any materials in the Portal the User declares that he/she is the author of these materials or holds the rights and approvals required by law for them to be uploaded in the Website or that the materials uploaded by him/her originate from a legal source. The user expresses his/her irrevocable consent for sharing and uploading by the Administrator the above mentioned materials without their significant modification and agrees for the conversion of file format of uploaded data.

6. Earnings Model

6.1. Additional Functionality

The main purpose of the Bitzean website is to enable Users to use the social networking service, and the developed profit model is an additional function that is not necessary to use the Website, but provides an opportunity to create own business. Bitzean does not guarantee profits. The company allocates funds and acquires profits mainly from:

    1. 1.Selling Bitzean products or services
    2. 2.Collecting and posting advertisements by advertisers;
    3. 3.financial means paid by advertisers (acquired by the Service Provider and Users);
    4. 4.Freelancing;
    5. 5.online store –Bitzean Shop;
    6. 6.other sources.

Users shall gain profit if any is obtained by Bitzean together with its community.

6.2. Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan contains principles of Bitzean earnings model. Read it before you start to act. Bitzean's Marketing Plan, with all any any contents included therein, constitutes an integral part of this Agreement. Indicated document contains main principles of earning in relation to the business being created and a detailed description of Premium accounts as well as the types of services and products. Basic forms of earnings were also briefly characterized below, however the notions contained in Marketing Plan are of the decisive importance. Other provisions in this part of Regulations shall apply to characterized forms of earnings.

6.3. Social Media Bonus

By typical activities performed in networking Portal (adding posts, commenting, giving likes, sharing files....) Users receive Social Media Bonus which may be later exchanged into Bitzean product packages. By purchasing a particular product package, the User receives an equivalent in the form of Media Point for which he/she can buy specific products Online and physical products.


6.4. Sales Bonus

Users may sell products and services on the platform. User may not sell products and services at a price lower than the recommended resale price, personally or through third parties

6.5. Advertising Sales Bonus

A User may receive commission for each new customers (advertiser) on the Portal.

6.8. Special Offers and Prizes

Bitzean may offer, from time to time, special offers and prizes which aim at additional motivating Users to increase activity. In case of obvious manipulation of necessary guidelines regarding the turnover or points necessary to be qualified for a prize in "Special promotion" or prizes guaranteed in Marketing Plan, Bitzean reserves the right to a complete exclusion of the User from a particular promotion or bonus.


6.9. Premium User

At the Portal the Premium Package is paid by the User at one time in advance, by purchasing of a particular product package by means of payment methods made available by Bitzean. Potential resignation from using the services and products does not impose a duty to return the fee paid. In return for the payment made the user receives " Bitzs" which play the role of a unit account and a range of other additional services and products. User and Premium User is entitled to transfer his/her distribution structure. Transferring a distribution structure is possible only to persons who, at the moment of transfer, are not Premium Users in Bitzean Inc. Users are not allowed to transfer or purchase distribution structure.


6.10. Sales Structure

Premium User is authorized to acquire other users (Partners) for Bitzean products and services distribution. For leading the sales structure and care for the acquired users the acquiring and creating structure user (Partner) receives a suitable commission for the turnover of a created sales structure. A User who in spite of direct distribution of products and services, also creates and maintains own distribution organization declares that he/she has knows that the commission and bonus regulations connected therewith exist so long as the user obtains particular qualifications, the details of which are regulated by Marketing Plan. If a qualification is not achieved in a required period, then the Premium user loses the possibility of receiving bonus paid for this period or acquires the right to a partial payment of bonus on turnover. Qualification requirements are contained in Marketing Plan.


6.11. Administrative Panel

Premium User by purchasing a particular Product Package receives, among others, fully functional and equipped Administrative Panel (BackOffice) which enables him/her a current and broad view into his/her turnover, commission and the history of other users. Apart from this, Premium User get the access to registration services, Landing Page as well as other additional advertising tools and other applications. Premium User, by the acquisition of a particular product package, may also receive periodical information on products and other information useful in conducting business activity. Premium User has the right to participate in the Portal's trainings, workshops, support actions and assistance offered by Bitzean.

6.12. Delivery of Products

The delivery of products and services is carried out via the "Upload" (uploading) to the User Account (Administrative Panel) belonging to the distribution partner and is finished after a successful completion of the uploading process to the server. In connection with the acquisition of digital content and fulfillment of the benefit, the User is not able to withdraw from the contract in terms of purchased products and services.

6.13. Acquisition of Partners

Service Provider declares and the User (Sales Partner) acknowledges and accepts that the acquisition of new Users within the created business is not indispensable not necessary to obtain earnings. All potential information on the ways of obtaining earnings recognizing the benefits of inviting new persons may not be interpreted as a necessary form of functioning in the system. In particular, the formulation "all you must do is to invite one/next person" does not mean that it is indispensable within the Bitzean earnings model. The acquisition of new Users is intended at the broadening of the scope of Bitzean and the business structure, however, the availability of services makes it possible to use Bitzean and obtain earnings without these actions. A User who effectively invited (acquired) a new user at Bitzean Portal acquires this user to his/her own Sales structure.

6.14. Advertisements

For advertising purposes, the User receives internet links which lead to one or more personalized main sites - Homepage or to one or many further subpages - Landing page, which guarantees that a website submission is automatically assigned to a user as a recommending or advertising party. In order to notify third parties (interested parties) about service and commercial possibilities, Bitzean shares with the user commercial presentation and many other training and promotional materials. All free of charge advertising materials made available by Bitzean may be withdrawn at any time.

6.15. Working Principles in Earnings Model

Distribution Partner functioning within the Bitzean earnings model and all other platforms and services which belong to the Service Provider is obliged to:

  1. 1.Respect all terms and conditions of participation and the rules applicable in Bitzean adjusting own actions to their contents, as well as the intentions being the basis of their introduction; 
  2. 2.In relations with other people, be guided by the rules of honesty, fair treatment; 
  3. 3.Present products, services and conditions and perspectives of the cooperation with Bitzean in a reliable and fair manner, in particular the Service Provider emphasizes that the whole way of earning within available services requires activity of the biggest number of Users, however Service Provider does not require inviting new persons; 
  4. 4.Not to use misleading, dishonest, unfair practices or sales; 
  5. 5.Adjust own actions to the conditions of cooperation specified in Bitzean documentation and the guidelines provided, with the sense and awareness of personal responsibility for their violation or the lack of use; 
  6. 6.Not to use in any way and under any conditions Bitzean network for direct or indirect promotion, advertisement, sale of products or services of other companies, especially other companies providing direct sales services;
  7. 7.Inform each new person about a non-investment character of the platform.


6.16. Activity of the Partners

Activity of the Partners in Bitzean is realized at their own account and risk and its basis is voluntary declaration made at the conclusion of the Agreement and the functionality "Your Business" in the Portal. Partner, apart from the execution of the agreement for the provision services by electronic means, is not connected (as a rule) with Bitzean by any other legal relations, including in particular the relations within the scope of labor law or other agreements, unless mutual relations between the Parties have been shaped by means of separately concluded written agreements. Partner is not entitled to undertake any actions directly or indirectly contradictory or violating the provisions of these Regulations and the conditions and principles of cooperation with Bitzean. In particular, Partners may not act on behalf of or at the account of Bitzean.

Distribution Partners act on the own behalf an at their own risk - like in any other business. Bitzean will not replace Your actions, you adapt your choices in order to gain profits and build joint community.

6.17. Conducting Business Activity

Conducting business activity by Partners is subject to the applicable provisions in this scope. Bitzean is not liable towards Partners or third parties for omissions or action of Partners which result in a failure to observe or a breach of binding provisions. Bitzean does not provide any consulting services to the Partners, in particular within the scope of legal, financial assistance or tax consultancy. A Partner is obliged to settle taxes on his/her own.


6.18. Using the Bitzean Trademark.

A Partner has the right to use company's designation (name) and logo (trademark), photographs, printouts, information which belong to or are protected for the benefit of Bitzean, exclusively on conditions specified by the Service Provider. Using the above rights in other scope is possible after receiving a prior, direct consent of Bitzean specifying its scope, manner, form and potentially time period of such use. Using Bitzean trademark is possible in accordance with the rules specified in the Portal, with regard to the following provisions:

  1. 1.If a User advertises, publishes or in any other way uses   trademark, he/she shall add the designation "Independent Partner of Bitzean";
  2. 2.If a User created website which concerns only the partnership in Bitzean or it is one of several programs described, the designation "Independent Partner of Bitzean" must be placed on the homepage;
  3. 3.If a User used Bitzean designation (in words) in a domain, Service Provider may require to transfer the rights to the domain or to change the contents or structure on the website;

In commercial contacts and in contacts with other users, the User may not make an impression that he/she acts at the order of or in behalf of Bitzean. In external relations Partners may not use the title "Leader", Manager", "Director", or "President" or other similar ones unless Service Provider agrees and assigns such a title. In case of a violation of a specific provision, Service Provider may reprove the User, including the use of appropriate sanctions, including the suspension/deletion of the Account. If additional regulations/guidelines/instructions binding to the Partners exists, these shall apply respectively.


6.19. Cooperation with Other Entities

Partners are not forbidden to cooperate with other entities providing their services on the market, however selling directly or indirectly products or services of another company among other Partners or Users of Bitzean as well as offering them cooperation in this scope shall be deemed as a serious breach of Bitzean's interests. It is also forbidden to join Bitzean's presentations with other presentations within one material unless Service Provider agrees to this.

7. Payments

7.1. Value of Collected Resources 

The value of resources collected by the Users is based on the applicable marketing plan.

7.2. Settlements 

The settlement of resources collected by the Users shall occur immediately in real time, with the exception of Social Bonus which is settled once daily. Bonus is calculated on the basis of algorithm calculating the user activity on Bitzean Platform. Settlement of commissions is available to the user in his/her Administrative Panel (BackOffice) protected by password and also archived chronologically.

7.3. Fee for Withdrawal of Resources 

A fee for each ordered withdrawal is collected form the user in the amount depending on the selected manner of payment. The fee is collected for each ordered disposal.

7.4. Complaints or Objections 

Potential complaints or objections should be delivered immediately - within 2 weeks from the moment of making the settlement available at the latest - in filling form at:www.Bitzean.com, otherwise the settlement will be deemed as correct. In case of 2 unjustified complaints Bitzean is entitled to charge appropriate fee for the servicing of subsequent complaints, not lower that $30.00.

7.5. Method of Payments 

Money are paid through the following Portals: Easycash, mcash, Visa/Master card, a bank transfer into the bank account specified by the Sales Partner or in other way in line with the data shared on the Portal. The user can top-up his account in the following way: online payment, bank transfer. Currently available payment methods are visible in the User's panel. For reasons beyond the Service Provider's control, some of them may be temporarily inactive.


7.6. Acting as a community 

Withdrawals in Bitzean are not dependent on new Users' payments or new people invitations. Everyone may create own business, and Bitzean acts as a social networking service and withdrawals range depends on the effectiveness of Users and the activities of the company itself. Bitzean indicates, and the Sales Partner acknowledges that the effectiveness of actions (including withdrawals execution) is related to the achieved results (e.g. by acquiring advertisers) within the whole community, regardless of the results achieved individually or as a part of the structure (group).

7.7. Additional Costs 

If a bank account was not specified or a specified bank account is invalid, as a result of which payments are transferred back, the user shall bear the costs and fees created as a result.

7.8. The Moment the Claim Arises and No transfer

Information available in the profile of User account, specifically according to the value of collected resources, constitutes indicative values and may be corrected upon Service Provider's verification. In particular, the collected resources shall be verified upon payment order made. Until the moment of the acceptance of settlement by the Service Provider, the User does not hold a claim for the payment of resources. Parties establish a ban on transfer of receivables (assignment) to other entities.

8.1. Service

Bitzean renders the Advertisers service based on placing advertisements on websites which belong to the Service Provider and on other external sites which will be displayed and visible to the users and sending advertisements of Advertisers to the users' email address. The Service allows obtaining financial benefits based on the part of profits of Bitzean and BitzeanAdPro portals. These Regulations within the scope of Bitzean shall apply respectively to BitzeanAdPro, except for the provisions related strictly to community portal and with consideration that part of the functions in BitzeanAdPro portal, may be different from those of Bitzean Portal.


8.2. Typical Scope of Displaying Advertisements

Advertisements will be displayed according to the agreements with Advertisers, and in particular their publication occurs through internet sites: https://www.Bitzean.com , mobile applications and other internet sites which belong to Bitzean and other external parties connected in business.

8.3. One account per household

Each User in https://www.Bitzean.com Portal may register only one account per household. Verification will be performed on the basis of IP address. In case of finding that a User has more than one account, these will be permanently and irretrievably deleted.

8.4. Account Verification

Each account registered on the Portal will be subject to additional two-stage verification on the basis of the consistency of personal data of the account owner. Verification will be conducted by Bitzean on the basis of uploaded in the Administrative Panel scan of the Advertiser's identity document (identity card, passport) and document confirming the place of residence: telecommunications or media bill (Telphone, electricity) or other suitable proof accepted by the Service Provider. Bitzean may require additional verification apart from indicated documents, demanding presenting other document. In case of a necessity to obtain special information, including in particular the confirmation of data in state administration bodies, the period of account verification may be extended by a respective required period of time. Account verification occurs in particular in case of the Payment order.


8.5. Program Features

BitzeanAdPro Portal functions within the revenue sharing model, however, it is not an investment program and may not be specified as such by the Users. Program participants function therein on the basis of profit distribution.

8.8. Uploading Advertisements

As part of the services offered, Bitzean gives a chance to upload a standard text advertisement of banner or box type on your own. In order to upload an advertisement, the User should fill in available form giving necessary details, choosing the ad type and the other parameters and then send the advertisement file. Other forms of advertisements are realized on the basis of separate agreements made with the Service Provider. All inquiries regarding custom forms of advertisement should be directed to: http://support.Bitzean.com


8.9. Payments

Fees are charged for uploading and sending advertisements on the Service Provider's websites. The amount of fee is established with the Service Provider individually. The condition of uploading an advertisement is making a payment.

8.10. Contents of the Advertisements

Advertiser bears full and exclusive responsibility for the contents of advertisements both towards Service Provider and third parties. It is forbidden to upload or sent advertisements which violate the provisions of the law in force and these Regulations. Bitzean reserves the right to refuse uploading, sending or sharing an advertisement, as well as its deleting in case of a breach of the law or these Regulations.

8. BitzzWallet


8.1. Service

Bitzean provides a service to Users, based on the possibility of storing certain cryptocurrency in the portfolio owned by the User. The Terms and Conditions of Bitzean shall apply to BitzzWallet, other than provisions relating strictly to the social networking site and other separate Services.

8.2. Type of Wallet

BitzzWallet is an online wallet, available in the Website owned by the Service Provider. The wallet can be used from anywhere in the world through electronic devices which enables to run this service in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions regarding technical conditions. As part of the Service, it is possible to generate an infinite number of addresses for own account and to save recipients addresses.

8.3. Access

Wallet feature is reserved only for the Users of Bitzean. The use of the BitzzWallet service is only possible together with an account in Bitzean. Separate registration only for the wallet service is not allowed and Users may limit their use of the services, as well as the entire platform, to the BitzzWallet only.

8.4. Types of Cryptocurrency

The service is used to store currently supported cryptocurrency and the basic feature is to enable users to have cryptocurrency called Bitzz . The Service Provider reserves the right to introduce other cryptocurrencies, which does not require changing the Terms and Conditions,

8.5. Transfer of Financial Means between the Users

It is not allowed to transfer cryptocurrency between the Users within the provided Service. In connection with the transfer of financial means, a fixed fee is charged within the Service Provider's platform, irrespective of the size of the transaction.


8.6. Transferring Financial Means within Database of the Service Provider

The Service Provider reserves the right to refuse to process or cancel the pending currency transaction in accordance with law or in response to the subpoena, court order or other binding government order.

8.7. Transaction Time

The User accepts that the transaction time may be extended, which is not directly caused by the Service Provider in case of the transaction within the database or blockchain, depending on the type of transactions and the current Internet traffic.

8.8. Executing Payments

The Service Provider has no control over delivery, quality, security, legality, or any other aspect of any goods and services which you can buy or sell to the third party within blockchain. If you have any problem with goods or services bought from or sold to third parities as a transaction within services or if you have a dispute with such a party, you must refer directly to the seller or buyer of such goods or services. If you believe that a third party has behaved in a fraudulent, misleading or inappropriate manner, or if you are unable to resolve a dispute with a third party properly, please contact the Service Provider's support to consider taking possible actions.

8.9. Payments

Launching the BitzzWallet Service does not involve any fees for the User. The User shall not pay any subscription for the entire period of using the Service. In the case of expanding a chain of cryptocurrencies, which the User stores as part of the Service, the Service Provider shall make efforts to provide services, however, due to the lack of knowledge of what technical solutions will be needed, it is impossible to regulate this issue earlier, to which the User agrees. In the event of the expansion of a chain, the User shall not incur any loss caused by reducing the number of primarycrypto currencies, and adding new cryptocurrency remains with the Service Provider discretion in accordance with technical possibilities and conditions.


8.10. Suspension or Removal

The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend the User Account within the Service, suspend transactions and to discontinue providing the Services. It is applicable in the following situations:

    1. 1.the Service Provider is obliged to do so on the basis of court order or other binding order of administration or government;
    2. 2.the Service Provider suspects that the feature is used to forbidden purposes, especially in case of money laundering or funding terrorism;
    3. 3.the Portal Partners direct their claims upon violations of their rights caused by the User;
    4. 4.the User violates the Terms and Conditions in other way.

In the event of suspension or removal, the User will have the right to transfer his funds to another wallet, unless they are secured by a court order.


8.13. Security

The User is responsible for maintaining an appropriate level of security and control of all identifiers, passwords, hints, personal identification numbers, keys or other codes used to access the Service. Any loss or disclosure of the above information or personal data may result in unauthorized access to your account by third parties and the loss or theft of funds stored in your Account. The Service Provider is not responsible for any losses that may be incurred due to a breach of security rules and logging in to the account by a third party, including disobedience with notices or warnings. If you believe that your account data have been violated, please contact the Support of the Service Provide


9. Liability

9.1. Service

The User bears full responsibility regarding the respect of copyrights and other rights connected with the publication, storage, distribution and other forms of use of the files held by the user and stored in Bitzean.

9.2. Entry into the Case

The User shall, at the moment of arising claims by third parties in relation to the Service Provider regarding the violation of any of their rights by materials stored, uploaded, published by the user as part of any functionality available on Bitzean, this user shall enter into the case in pace of the Service Provider and shall assume in whole the costs of potential court proceedings, the cost of legal representation and the costs awarded by the court or established through the settlement of compensations.

9.3. Unauthorized Access

In case of an unauthorized access or an attempt of unauthorized access, Service Provider has the right to charge penalty compensating for the loss incurred and immediate exclusion of the user from Bitzean Platform.

9.4. Sanctions

Violation of the provisions of these regulations may, at the discretion of the Service Provider, result in a warning, total blocking of the Account, limiting the possibility of using particular services, deleting all files or particular fields which infringe these Regulations, including the deletion of the account and user profile with all files collected therein and cancellation of resources. In case if a user started activities which are not forbidden by these regulations but, in the Service Provider opinion, they will be deemed as harmful or undesirable, he may notify the use by email demanding immediate stopping of such activities and the removal of their consequences. The lack of any reaction and failure of immediate observance the Service Provider demand by the user constitutes a breach of these regulations.

9.5. Exclusion

The parties exclude the liability of Service Provider for any damages which resulted from the way in which Users use Bitzean Portal and the services available on the Portal. Bitzean is not liable for damages of any type which will occur as a result of the loss of Portal data. In particular, the Service Provider is not liable for damages resulting from the acts of force majeure or third parties.

9.6. Obtaining Access to the Account

All consequences which occurred as a result of the fact that third parties obtained access password to the User’s account shall not give rise to liability for the Service Provider. In particular, this concerns the case when the User logged into the Portal from different locations

9.7. The Right of Immediate Deletion

Service Provider, in order to maintain adequate level of Services standard and the Portal functionality, has the right to delete one or more files shared by a User as well as the whole account, in case of violation of the Regulations or the law. Deletion does not require a prior notification; however, the User may demand justification by email. Service Provider also reserves the right to a complete discontinuation of rendering. It is prohibited to upload as part of the Website any contents which are commonly recognized as offensive, violating the law, pornographic, vulgar, obscene, violating personal assets of third parties, inducing to commit a crime, promoting totalitarian regimes, encouraging hatred or promoting violence.

9.8. Third Parties Services

Service Provider is not liable for services rendered by third parties who render services for the benefit of Users on their own behalf and on their own account, in line with the rules and under separate agreements concluded with Service Provider or his contractors, in particular with regard to the methods of payment. Specification of the regulations of rendering such services is the obligation of the entities rendering these services and those entities exclusively shall bear responsibility for them. Potential complaints directed to the Service Provider in this scope will be transferred to these entities.

9.9. Hyperlinks

In case of inserting hyperlinks in the Website to the websites of other entities, Service Provider reserves that he has no influence on the contents on these websites and that he does not verify this content and does not interfere in the manner of conducting activity run by the owners of administrators of these websites and the applied privacy policy therefore it is recommended to read all regulations and other documents, in particular those regarding data processing.

If you violate the regulations, your account may be blocked. If you have any questions regarding the scope of actions and activities planned by you - please contact the Service Provider. On Bitzean the Services of third parties are also provided. Pay attention to the regulations under which you agree to use them!


10. Copyright

10.1. Rights to the Portal

All rights to the Portal and all its elements (including software, functional scheme, graphic elements, databases and works presented within the Portal) belong to the Service Provider

Users may use the contents placed in the portal only as a part of permitted personal use.



10.2. Permitted Personal Use

Users may use the contents placed in the Portal only within the scope of permitted personal use. Any use of the contents of the Portal which does not constitute permitted personal use, specified above, is prohibited and constitutes the violation of copyrights.



10.3. Prohibition

Using the Portal does not mean the purchase of the rights to the Portal or its particular elements, in particular it is forbidden to undertake the following actions regarding the Portal, its individual parts and the contents presented on the Portal:

  1. 1.Within the scope of recording, multiplying contents - producing by means of any techniques copies of any contents, including printing technique, reprographic, magnetic recording and digital technique; 
  2. 2.Within the scope of trade in the original or copies on which the contents was recorded – marketing, lending for use or the lease of the original or copies;
  3. 3.Within the scope of publicizing the contents in a manner other than specified above –performing in public, exhibiting, displaying, reproducing, and broadcasting and re-emitting, as well as making the work publicly available in such a manner that everyone may have access thereto at a place and time they choose; 
  4. 4.Within the scope of software: permanent or temporary multiplication of software, in full or in part, by any means or in any form; translation, adaptation and modification of the layout, or other changes to the software; dissemination, including the lending for use or leasing a copy thereof.
  5. 5.Within databases: collecting the contents of databases and its reuse in full or in essential part regarding the quality or amount.
10.4. Modifications and Blocking

Modification or blocking, without the Service Provider's consent, contents presented within the Portal, may constitute a violation of the applicable provisions, as well as the rights of Bitzean and other persons. This applies specifically to the use of tools such as internet browsers or other applications with the ability of modifying or blocking contents transferred through the Portal, especially the contents of advertising character.


11. Notifying about Violations and Complaints

11.1. Form of notifications

Users and third parties may notify the Service Provider, at the Service Provider's email address, the information about the violation of law by other User or violation of law connected with contents of the Portal as well as any irregularities connected with its functioning. Notifications should be made by means of available forms.

11.2. Contents of the Notification

Notification must contain required fields specified in the form, however, in particular, these should be indicated:

    1. 1.Notification type; 
    2. 2.Designation of the person submitting notification the rights of whom were violated or who has legal or factual interest in filing a notification including detailed address and email address and the telephone number;
    3. 3.Precise description of the violation of the law.

Notification, which does not meet specific requirements, may not be treated as a reliable message of illegal character Contents or activity connected with them.

11.3. Compliance Declaration

Notification should also contain a declaration of the notifying entity that the information provided in the notification are most accurate and consistent with factual status and are aimed only at the protection of rights not directed at inducing any damage to the service Provider or Users using the Website.

11.4. Supplementation

In case if the notification does not meet the requirements specified above, Service Provider, if he deems it is necessary to the correct processing of the notification, calls upon the notifying party to supplement it, giving a suitable period of time, with the instruction that failure to supplement the notification within specified time period shall leave it unresolved. After the lapse of the indicated time, the notification will be left without processing.

11.5. Temporary Blocking

In situations raising justified doubts as to the correctness of the notification specified above, Service Provider may specify the temporary blocking of access to the contents described in the notification. Deleting User account or blocking the access to particular contents does not mean, at the same time, determination that the above mentioned contents constitute materials violating the rights of notifying party.

11.6. Responding

Service Provider gives information about the recognition of the notification electronically within 30 (thirty) days from its submission. The response to the notification will be sent to the notifying party at the address provided by them in the notification. Service Provider reserved the right to extend the above period by 30 (thirty) days at the maximum in case if recognition of the notification requires special messages or meets difficulties beyond Service Provider, in particular such as the failure of equipment or internet network. Service Provider also reserves that the processing of a notification may require obtaining from the notifying party additional explanations - the period of providing the explanation each time respectively extends the period of processing notification.

11.7. Complaints

User is entitled to file a complaint if services envisaged in the Regulations are not realized or are realized in breach with the provisions of these Regulations. Complaints should be sent directly to the email address of the Service Provider or through available form on the Portal, respectively. Service Provider reserves the right not to provide response to the complaint which is obviously groundless, in particular within the scope in which the complaint of this person has already been resolved previously.

11.8. Period of Processing

Correctly sent complaint will be processed within 14 (fourteen) days. This period may be extended if the processing of the complaint will require special messages or other difficulties beyond the Service Provider occur or if it is necessary obtain additional explanations from the User. The period of time for providing the explanation each time respectively extends the period of processing the complaint.

11.9. Form of response

Sending the complaint electronically by the User is equivalent with giving consent to receiving the Service Provider's reply also electronically.

12. General Information about Services

12.1. System Functioning

Service Provider ensures the functioning of computerized system which he uses in such a way that each User may cease to use the electronic services free of charge.

12.2. Cryptographic techniques

Service Provider ensures the functioning of computerized system which he uses in such a way that the access of unauthorized persons to the contents being electronic services is impossible, in particular with the use of cryptographic techniques.

12.3. Competent Entity

Service Provider ensures unambiguous identification of the parties to electronic service and makes every effort to ensure to inform the User about the competent entity which offers a product or service on the Portal which is usually the Service Provider indicated in the Preamble, excluding external services which do not belong to Bitzean.

12.4. Technical Risk

Service Provider reserves that the use of electronic services may be connected with the technical risk, classic for the use of a computer system. Users, regarding the existence of business model, should secure their electronic connections and devices against unauthorized access, including, in particular, the installation of anti virus software.

12.5. Software Function and Purpose 

Current information about the function and purpose of software or data which are not a component of the content of electronic service, introduced to computerized system used by the User (cookies) is presented in the Privacy Policy of the Portal.

12.6. Minimum Technical Requirements

In order to use electronic service rendered as part of the Portal, the User should meet the following technical requirements, necessary to cooperate with computerized system of the Service Provider: having a device which makes it possible to use the Internet, connection to the Internet, browser which enables to display Internet sites, e.g. Internet Explorer version 5.5 and above or Opera version 7 and above or Firefox version 1 and above or Google Chrome version 5.0 and above or Safari 5 or above, with enabled support for cookies, supporting encrypted SSL connections and JavaScript and having an active electronic mail account (email).

12.7. Diagnosing Problems

Service Provider reserves the right to interfere with the technical structure of User Account in order to diagnose irregularities in the Portal services functioning and to make changes and in any other way influence the technical aspect of the User Account in order to modify or restore correct functioning of the User Account itself or the Portal.


13. Final Provisions

13.1. Modification of Regulations

Bitzean is entitled to change Regulations without giving a reason. Service Provider shall inform about changes in a visible place on the Site or by electronic message to the Users. If a User does not agree to the change of Regulations, he/she has the right to delete the account.

13.2. Supplementation

No legal basis or incompleteness of any of the clauses in these Regulations means that the whole agreement is legally invalid. These provisions are changed into such provisions, which have the nearest sense and the purpose to previous provisions.

13.3. Disputes (Choice of the law and Court clause)

The provisions of the Terms and Conditions and all disputes between FutureNet and the User are subject to the provisions of the law of Dubai, regardless of the provisions of the conflict of laws. The User is obliged to resolve any disputes in relation to the Service Provider only in the Court competent for the Service Provider. The User agrees to be subject to the jurisdiction of these courts in a settlement of all types of disputes. In the event of interpretation doubts in determining the meaning of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the English version prevails.

13.4. Suspension and End of Services

In special cases, influencing the safety or stability of computerized system, Service Provider has the right of temporary cease or limiting Services rendered without a prior notifying the Users about this. In particular, Service Provider has the right to conduct maintenance works intended for the restoration of safety and stability of the computerized system. User has no right to claims in connection with such break or cease to render Services by the Service Provider. Service Provider may permanently cease rendering Services.

13.5. Transformations

The User agrees to transformations, legal changes and transfer of rights from the Service Provider to another entity. In particular, the User accepts that the Bitzean headquarters may be transferred to another country, including the creation of a completely new Company or a merger of companies.