Welcome to Bitzean Advertising Agency

Did you know that theres a gigantic market over the business world for online advertising...? And that majority of well known companies make one hell of a profit/ mind blowing profits from online advertising. It is a stunning income! Not everyone shares you the secret. But we ensure the success in online advertising market with good money for you through our exceptional Bitzean advertising system.

We have three types of Agent categories,

Basic agent:

10% commission for each featured ads sales

Standard agent:

20% commission for each featured ads sales (should sold at least 5 ads as a Basic agent)

Premium agent:

20% commission for each featured ads sales (should sold at least 10 ads in one time)

Allow PTC feature can get Team Sales Commission

A Premium Agent is an individual who benefits from the promotions they sell on Bitzean platform notwithstanding their Advertisements. This is one of the most appealing ways that one can get the most benefit through Bitzean Advertising service.

To qualify as a Premium Agent, you need to purchase a pack of 10 advertisements worth Rs. 20,000. There are several additional benefits of doing so.

  • You can post 10 advertisements through your account and a maximum of one year time will be given for you to post those advertisements.

  • These purchased 10 advertisements can also be sold to anyone else within the given one years time period.

  • Income can be generated by viewing advertisements through PTC system.

  • You can also assemble system that generates a passive income for you.

  • Which will ultimately drive you for an extremely high pay level.